Nineteenth-Century Design Objects, Images and Spaces (Visual and Material Culture)

Second volume of a four part set of an annotated selection of texts. This volume has texts relating to aspects of nineteenth-century design in terms of objects, images and spaces.

Introduction - Objects Images and Spaces (Visual and Material Culture) 

Part 1. Domestic Design

1. George Morant, Report From the Select Committee on Arts and Principles of Design and Their Connexion With Manufactures: With the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix and Index (London: H.M.S.O. 1836), Session 2, Q. 497- 579. 

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8. Walter Crane, ‘William Morris and His Work’, William Morris to Whistler (London: G Bell & Sons Ltd, 1911), extract, pp. 16-21. 


Part 2. Industrial Art/Industrial Design

9. [Anon], ‘Josiah Wedgwood’, The Architect, 1, 17 April 1869, pp. 197-199. 

10. Charles Russell Hewlett, ‘Relation of Industrial Art to Manufactures’, Art and Progress, 4, 12, 1913, October pp. 1147–1150.

11. William Burton, Designing for Machine-Made Goods (Manchester, Municipal School of Technology, 1911), pp. 1-9.


2.1 Metal Work 

12. Matthew Digby Wyatt, ‘Theory’, Metal-Work and Its Artistic Design (London: Day & Son, 1852), pp. xi-xix

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15. [Anon] ‘Electric Light and the Metal Crafts’, Art Journal, 66, October 1904, pp. 321-328.


2.2 Jewellery 

16. Charles Blanc, ‘On Design in the Composition of a Jewel’, Art in Ornament and Dress (London: Chapman and Hall, 1877), pp. 236-246 

17. [Anon] ‘Vulgarities of English Jewellery Design’, The Builder, 61, September 1891, pp. 235-237. 

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2.3 Ceramic & Glass 

21. Matthew Digby Wyatt, ‘On the Influence Exercised on Ceramic Manufactures by the Late Mr. Herbert Minton’, Journal of The Society of Arts, 6: 288, May 1858, pp. 441-52. 

22. [Anon], ‘How Shall We Furnish Our Houses? China, Glass, and Silver Ware.’ The New Path, 2: 9, 1865, pp. 141–146.


2.4 Furniture 

23. E. A. Poe, ‘Philosophy of Furniture’, Burton's Gentleman's Magazine and Monthly American Review, 6, 1840, pp. 243-45.

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2.5 Textile Design 

27. A Glasgow Printer, ‘Designers and Schools of Design’, The Art-Union, X, September 1848, pp. 266-267.

28. Matthew D. Wyatt, ‘On the Principles of Design Applicable to Textile Art’, The Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, Edited by J.B. Waring, Esq. (London: Day & Son, 1858), pp. 71-82.

29. Alexander Millar ‘Design in Modern Carpets’, Journal of The Society of Arts, 42: 2161, 20 April 1894, pp. 433-451. 


2.6 Graphic and Visual Design 

30. Philip Gilbert Hamerton, ‘The Distinction Between Useful and Aesthetic Drawing’, The Graphic Arts: A Treatise on the Varieties of Drawing, Painting, and Engraving in Comparison With Each Other and With Nature, (London: Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday, 1882), pp. 6-16. 

31. William Morris, A Note by William Morris on His Aims in Founding the Kelmscott Press, and A Short Description of the Press by S. C. Cockerell, and An Annotated List of Books Printed Thereat (Hammersmith: Trustees of William Morris, 1898. Printer: Kelmscott Press), pp.1-6. 

32. Marion Spielmann, ‘Posters and Poster-Designing in England’, Scribner's Magazine, 18, July 1895, pp. 34-47.


2.7 Wallpaper 

33. Walter Crane, ‘Of Wallpaper’, Arts and Crafts Essays: by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (London: Rivington, Percival & Co,) 1893, pp. 52-61. 


2.8 Dress & Fashion 

34. Mary Merrifield, Dress as Fine Art (Boston: Jewell and Co, 1854), extract, pp. 10-19. 

35. Caroline Stephen, ‘Thoughtfulness in Dress’, Cornhill Magazine, 18, 1868, pp. 281-293. 

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39. Arthur L. Liberty, ‘On the Progress of Taste in Dress, in Relation to Manufacture’, Aglaia: The Journal of the Healthy and Artistic Dress Union, 3, 1894, pp. 27-31. 


2.9 Engineering 

40. Samuel Clegg, ‘Introduction’, Architecture of Machinery: An Essay on Propriety of Form and Proportion (London: Architectural Library, 1842), pp. 1-4. 

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44. Arthur J. Davis, ‘The Architecture of the Liner’, Architectural Review, 35, 1914, pp. 87–110.


2.10 Urban Design (Inc. Architecture) 

45. Ebenezer Trotman, ‘Some Remarks on Architectural Design, as Affecting the Inferior Arts Connected With Building’, Architectural Magazine, 2:11, January 1835, pp. 3-7.

46. A. W. N. Pugin, An Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture in England(London: J. Weale, 1843), pp. 9-12. 

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49. Edward S. Prior, ‘The Design of Gardens’, Hobby Horse, XXVI April 1892, pp. 41-51.

Nineteenth-Century Design Production and Practices of Design

An excerpt from 'Nineteenth-Century Design - Vol 3'.

Third volume of a four part set of annotated selection of texts. This volume has texts relating to nineteenth-century design production and practices.

Volume 3

Introduction - Production and Practices of Design


Part 1. Art Industries and Manufactures

1. Further Remarks on the Report of the Committee on the Arts and Principles of Design’, Mechanics’ Magazine, 26, 4 February 1837, pp. 323-329. 

2. W. S. W. ‘Art Applied to Manufactures’, The Art-Union, 4:37, February 1842, pp. 23-25. 

3. George Wallis, ‘Recent Progress in Design as Applied to Manufactures’, Journal of The Society of Arts, 4:173, 14 March 1856, pp. 291-301.

4. Denis O’Donovan, ‘The Uses of Art & Design in Manufacture’, Frederick McCoy, Lectures Delivered by Professor McCoy ... [Et Al.] in the Lecture Room of the Museum, During the Second Session of 1871 (Melbourne: Samuel Mullen, 1872), extract, pp. 79-83.

5. Jacob Falke, ‘The Vienna Exhibition in Connexion with Art-Industry. IX, Furniture’, The Workshop, 7, 4, 1874, pp. 49-51.

6. Tom Taylor, ‘The Study and Practice of Art’, The British Architect: A Journal of Architecture and the Accessory Arts, 1, February 1874, pp. 133-5. 


Part 2. Decorative and Applied Arts 

7. John Stewart, ‘Art Decoration, a Suitable Employment for Women’, Art Journal, 6, 1860, pp. 70-71. 

8. Prof. [J. H.] Chamberlain ‘The Progress of Design’, Birmingham Daily Post, 28 May 1863. 

9. Christopher Dresser, ‘Hindrances to the Progress of Applied Art’, Journal of The Society of Arts, 20, 12 April 1872, pp. 435-40. 

10. Emma Lazarus, ‘A Day in Surrey With William Morris’, Century Magazine, 32, July 1886, pp. 388-294 

11. Anon, ‘A Studio of Design: An Interview With Mr. Arthur Silver’, Studio, 3, 1894, pp.117–122. 


Part 3. Drawing 

12. Jacques-Eugène Armengaud, The Practical Draughtsman’s Book of Industrial Design: Forming A Complete Course of Mechanical, Engineering, and Architectural Drawing Translated From the French of Armengaud Ainé and Armengaud, Jeune and Amouroux; Rewritten and Arranged With Additional Matter and Plate Selections From and Examples of the Most Useful and Generally Employed Mechanism of the Day by William Johnson (London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853), Preface, pp. III-V. 

13. William Dyce, The Introduction to the Drawing Book of the School of Design, Published in the Years 1842-3, Under the Direction of W. Dyce (London: Chapman & Hall, 1854), pp. v-xxiv.

14. Lewis Foreman Day, ‘Of Designs and Working Drawings’, Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, Catalogue of Second Exhibition, 1889, pp. 93-109.


Part 4. Design Principles 

15. George Wallis, ‘The Principles of Fine Art as Applied to Industrial Purposes’, The People's Journal, 3, 1847, pp. 230-233. 

16. [Anon] ‘Universal Infidelity in Principles of Design’, Journal of Design and Manufactures, V, August 1851, pp. 158-161.

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19. Lucas Baker, ‘Theory of Design’ A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Design and the Methods of Instruction Suited to Teachers, Designers, and Art-Students, and a Text-Book for Schools (New York: Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, and Co, 1883), pp. 5-13. 

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21. Selwyn Image, ‘Of Design and The Study of Nature’ in A. H. Mackmurdo (Ed.), Plain Handicrafts: Being Essays by Artists Setting Forth the Principles of Design and Established Methods of Workmanship; A Guide to Elementary Practice (London: Percival & Co., 1893), pp. 1-6.


Part 5. Elements of Design 


5.1 Colour 

22. John Gardner Wilkinson, On Colour and on the Necessity for a General Diffusion of Taste Among all Classes, with Remarks on Laying Out Dressed Geometrical Gardens. Examples of Good and Bad Taste Illustrated by Woodcuts and Coloured Plates in Contrast (London: J. Murray, 1858), pp. 1-4. 

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25. Roberts Beaumont, Colour in Woven Design, (London: Whittaker and Co., 1890), pp. 1-5. 


5.2 Form 

26. Horatio Greenough, ‘American Architecture’, The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, New York, 13, August 1843, pp. 206-210. 

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30. Hugh Stannus, ‘Some Principles of Form-Design in Applied Art’, Journal of The Society of Arts, 14 October 1898, pp. 885-9.


5.3 Materials

31. Emil Braun, ‘Electrotyping Applied to Art Manufactures’, Art Journal, 1 July 1850, pp. 205-207. 

32. George Dodd, ‘Papier Mâché’, Curiosities of Industry (London: George Routledge and Co, 1858), pp. 17-22. 

33. [Anon] ‘Design in Relation to Material’, Morning Post, 2 January 1869, p.3.


5.4 Manufacturing Methods 

34. Adam Smith and Dugald Stewart, The Works of Adam Smith (London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1811-12), pp. 15-19. 

35. William Cooke-Taylor ‘The Mutual Interests of Artists and Manufacturers’, Art-Union, 1 March 1848, pp. 69-70. 

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5.5 Craft Machine and Design 

40. Charles R. Ashbee, ‘Decorative from a Workshop Point of View’, A Paper Read At the Edinburgh Art Congress’, November 1889, pp. 1-11.

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Nineteenth-Century Design Networks, Mediators and Design (Primary Sources)

An excerpt from 'Nineteenth-Century Design - Vol 4'.

Fourth volume of a four part set of an annotated selection of texts. This volume has texts relating to aspects of nineteenth-century design thought networks and mediators

Volume 4

Introduction - Actors, Mediators, and Design 


Part 1. Design Movements

1. William Gershom Collingwood, ‘Present Day’, The Philosophy of Ornament: Eight Lectures, (George Allen: Orpington, 1883), pp. 200-216.

2. George C. Haité, ‘On the Design and Designers of the Victorian Reign (Part One)’ Architectural Review, 2, June 1897, pp. 81-89. 

3. George C. Haité, ‘On the Design and Designers of the Victorian Reign (Part Two)’ Architectural Review, 2, June 1897, pp. 141-146 

4. May Morris, ‘Decorative Art 1800-1885’, in H D. Traill (Ed.) Social England: A Record of the Progress of the People; in Religion, Laws, Learning, Arts, Industry, Commerce, Science, Literature and Manners, From the Earliest Times to the Present Day, Vol 6 (London: Cassell, 1897), pp. 526-40. 


Part 2. Professional Mediators

5. W. Cooke-Taylor, Report of a Special Committee of the Council of the Government School of Design (London: Printed by William Clowes and Sons, for Her Majesty’s Stationery office, 1847), pp. 138-40. 

6. [Anon] ‘The Architect Versus the Cabinet Maker and Others’, Fine Arts Journal, 13 February 1847, pp. 228-229

7. George Aitchison ‘The Relation of the Architect to the Decorator’, British Architect, 16 Feb- 6 April 1883, pp. 78-79.

8. Cases Argued and Determined Relating to the Poor Laws, to Points in Criminal Law, and Other Subjects Chiefly Connected With the Duties and offices of Magistrates, Forming Part of Law Journal Reports (London: E.B. Ince, 1844), pp. 73-4. 

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12. [Anon] Textile Colourist, II, 9, September 1876. pp. 110-117.


Part 3. Mediators- Organisations 

13. Exhibition at the Royal Academy Architecture Room’, Civil Engineer and Architect’s Journal, Number 1, October 1837, pp. 224-5, 254-5, 287-8 

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Part 4. Mediators - Retailer/Shops 

20. Nathaniel Whittock, On the Construction and Decoration of the Shop Fronts of London, Illustrated With ... Coloured Representation ... by N. W. Forming An Appendix to the Decorative Painter and Glazier’s Guide, by The Same Author (London: Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper 1840), pp. 1-4.

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Part 5. Mediators- Critics and Style Debates 

24. [Anon] ‘Gothic Houses and Modern Requirements’, Gentleman’s Magazine: and Historical Review, Jan 1858, pp. 19-28. 

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Part 6. Mediators – Advice Books and Journals 

32. John Stewart, ‘English Homes: as They are, and May be, in Furnishing and Decoration’, Art Journal, 56, August 1859, pp. 234-237

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Part 7. Mediators- Exhibitions 

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Part 8. Mediators- Museums 

48. Charles Toplis, ‘Preliminary Notice’ Museum of National Manufactures and of The Mechanical Arts, Catalogue of The Museum of National Manufactures and of The Mechanical Arts, No. 28, Leicester Square, Established in Continuation, With Extension of the Design, of the National Repository, Formerly in the King's Mews. 1833 (London: Printed by G. Eccles, 1833). 

49. Edward Bradbury, ‘A Visit to Ruskin's Museum’, Magazine of Art, 2, 1879, pp. 57-60.

Nineteenth-Century Design Theories and Discourses (Primary Sources)

An excerpt from 'Nineteenth-Century Design - Vol 1'.

First volume of a four part set of an annotated selection of texts. This volume has texts relating to theories and discourses around design in its broadest sense during the nineteenth century.

Volume 1 – Theories and Discourses


Part 1. Beauty and Aesthetics

1. Archibald Alison, ‘On the Influence of Design Upon the Beauty of Form’ Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, (1790), 4th Edition, II, Part One (Edinburgh: Bell 1815), extract, pp. 58-64. 

2. Basil Barrett, ‘A Definition of Beauty’, Pretensions to A Final Analysis of the Nature and Origin of Sublimity, Style, Beauty, Genius, and Taste (London: John Murray, 1812), pp. 85-90. 

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5. Alfred C. Haddon, ‘Application of Biological Deductions to Design’, Evolution in Art as Illustrated by the Life-Histories of Designs (London: W. Scott, 1895), pp. 308-318. 

6. Walter Crane, ‘Of the Influence of Modern Social and Economic Conditions on the Sense of Beauty’, Ideals in Art: Papers Theoretical, Practical, Critical (London: Bell, 1905), pp. 76-87.


Part 2. Taste

7. Joseph Woods, An Essay on Modern Theories of Taste (London: The Architectural Society, 1808), extract, pp. 40-44. 

8. George Wallis, ‘Art Education for the People’: ‘Improvement of Popular Taste in the Fine Arts, Through Their Application to Industrial Purposes,’ The People’s Journal, 3, 1847, pp. 9-11. 

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Part 3. Ornament 

12. [Anon], ‘on Ornament, Especially Referring to Woven Fabrics’ Journal of Design and Manufactures, I, (London: Chapman and Hall, 1849), pp. 56-58. 

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