Publication: Feb. 28, 2022

Victorian furnishers and decorators Collinson & Lock were a model of the art furniture business of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. This book is the first wide-ranging study of this once highly important company. It will give insights into the workings and productions of a London furnishing business in the period. It also provides information on a wide variety of topics including furniture design developments, interior design styles, business practices, working practices and techniques, and the firm’s customers and competitors.

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After a career in the retailing of furniture and interiors Clive took an MA in the History of Design at the Royal College of Art/Victoria and Albert Museum and subsequently completed a PhD on Victorian furniture technology at the same institutions. He has published widely with works including monographs on aspects of furniture technology, materials and trades, furnishing textiles and the manufacture and retailing of domestic furnishings, as well as contributions to multi-authored works on interiors, architecture and home furnishings. His interest in cross-disciplinary study is evident in his work, which includes research on design, materials and technology, manufacturing, consumption, and retailing.

Clive Edwards

Clive Edwards is Emeritus Professor of Design History at Loughborough University. He has interests in design, furniture and interiors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His works include monographs on many aspects of furniture history, as well as contributions to edited works and journals on design, interiors, furniture, and home furnishings.

His publications include: Victorian Furniture: Technology and Design (1993), Twentieth Century Furniture: Materials, Manufacture and Markets (1994), Furniture Materials, Trades and Techniques (2001) Turning Houses into Homes (2005), Le Commerce du Luxe (2015), The Objects and Textures of Everyday Life in Imperial Britain (2016), "Introduction" and “Artefacts and Color in the Age of Enlightenment”. In K. Wolf, & C. Biggam (eds.), A Cultural History of Color, and Eighteenth Century furniture in A. Flather (Ed.), A Cultural History of the Home, (2020).

Recent publications include a chapter on visual representation of twentieth century furniture in Cultural History of Furniture Vol 6. (2022): Chapter titled "Making Merchandising and Pricing" in The Story of British Tea Chests and Caddies ( 2022):

Forthcoming items include a chapter on 19th century woodworking crafts (2023); A chapter on the furniture supplied by Jackson and Graham to Alfred Morrison (2023) and the commentary and editing of a new Routledge Primary Source set of volumes on 19th century interiors (2024).

He is currently general editor of a six volume series 'Cultural History of Crafts' for Bloomsbury (2023-4)